A note from our staff:

The staff at Squirrel brand oils is devoted to bringing quality flavored oils for popcorn and other cooking needs to the masses. As a proud Ceciltucky venture we are going to provide bold new flavors as well as more traditional. Here at Squirrel brand oils we will also be adding over the course of time more unique products we feel exemplify the Ceciltucky way of life. We are an entirely veteran driven organization and some of our flavors will be the direct result of flavors from deployments that reminded folks of home.

For added options we have created Salsa-less tortillas using Southern Cousin Squirrel and found the Habanero gives the chips just the right bite as you eat them.

We are also working in the garden to create our own home style pickles. So far we are real fond of our Spicy Dill Pickle Spears and Bread & Butter Spicy pickle chips. As we harvest from the garden we will try other ventures so check back and see what we have created next.

​​ Thank you,
The Staff

Bringing flavor to

the masses

Crazy good flavors for the Squirrel in all of us!!

Squirrel Brand Oils

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!